Brushless Motor Controllers 120VDC - 400VDC

Crushless Permanent Magnet & Asynchronous Motor Controller powered by 400 V battery pack is suitable for running synchronous permanent magnet and asynchronous induction motors. It combines high power performance within a compact package and high level of interconnectivity for comprehensive integration into the EV and HEV application.  

400V Motor Controller

Brushless Permanent Magnet Motors

400V Motor Controller Brushless Permanent Magnet Motors

SpecificationEV/HEV-MC 230/400
Nominal working voltage 120VDC - 385VDC
Working Voltage Limit 80VDC - 400VDC

Boost current (10 sec) *
Peak current (2 min) * 230A
Cont. current (60 min)* 200A
Safety loop

1 output (Relay)

1 input (Emergency stop)

Motor temperature sensor input Yes (Thermistor)
Motor UVW inputs YES
Motor encoder (AB) inputs YES
Sin/Cos feedback inputs YES
Encoder supply output 5V alt. 10V (max. 100mA)
Communication interfaces



*Depending on cooling conditions