DC angle drive (worm gear, right-angled)

Performance at a fair price

A DC angle drive is an ideal solution where the price/performance ratio plays an important role. The robust drives in 2- or 4-pole version can be combined with single- or multi-stage gears. The rating of DC angle drives is typically between 100 W and 800 W with torque ratings of between 5   and 60 Nm. DC angle drives are available in 12 V, 24 V, 36 V, 48 V and 60 V versions. On request we can of course manufacture output shafts and fixing components to your requirements.

DC Angle Drive

Highly efficient, compact design and quiet operation.

Applications for DC angle drives:

  • Wheelchair drives
  • Revolving door drives
  • Vehicle drives
  • Stairlifts (combined worm gear/spur gear)

Applications for DC Angle Drives