Our products are used in the following:

Automotive industry

  • Electro-hydraulic power steering pumps
  • Servo pumps
  • Electro-hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Linear units for door operation

AGV vehicles

  • Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Lift trucks
  • Transport and logistics (omnidirectional systems)
  • Luggage carts

Energy technology, electric vehicles

  • Mini wind power stations
  • Offshore turbines
  • Mini river power stations
  • Omnidirectional vehicles

Industrial automation

  • Overhead crane trolleys
  • Suspension conveyors
  • Actuators for positioning
  • Rotary drives
  • Band derailleurs

Building automation

  • Automatic shading devices and curtain drives
  • Revolving door drives
  • Door and gate drives

Rehabilitation and medical technology

  • Electric wheelchairs
  • Special vehicles for outdoor application
  • Stairlift drive
  • Electric vehicles (urban mobility)

Electro-hydraulic Acuator

  • Industrial automation
  • Lifting (including mobile applications)
  • Testing cylinders
  • Controled actuator applications